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For my own part I was very enthusiastic about the Amiga from 97 to 2000, I went through lots of Amigas and such but to tell the truth I was always going back to my PC even though I had a 060 and CV643D in my A4000. The Amiga didnt live up to its hype as the better machine in my opinion.
Also nothing came out of the various buyers who bought Amiga. Just lots of bullshit. Another huge dissapointment was the Boxer, I had this spare 060 chip I had saved that I was going to use with a Boxer. This Mick Tinker guy, I wonder how this guy works, and how his head works since no info appeard about the Boxer, sans an Amiga Format article and the good bye letter on the web. I waited 4 years for this?

Also I met quite a few Amiga fanatics with crazy opinions. They where also very ugly, smelly and geeky, some with huge beards, some young, and some old but still as geeky. Amiga fanatics used to be famous for their firm opinions, I wonder what hapened to them, did they start using Linux?
I didnt want to be part of the Amiga community that consisted of unfriendly dorks.
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