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Psygnosis Questions

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the board, but certainly not new to the amiga, a long time user since '88, i was also active in the demoscene from about '92 - '95 (maniacs, dualformat and neo at various times)

After an age of just reading the board i decided to join in, spurred on by a project i'm doing at the moment

I'm currently working on a video series to be given away free on the net focusing on Psygnosis and their games.

In effect, each episode is to focus on a year of output (apart from the first, which condenses 1985 [brataccus], 1986 [deep space, Arena] and 1987 [Barbarian, terrorpods], into one block.) naturally it's going to be very amiga centric.

Although i've done a lot of research and resource gathering (I think i now own every released amiga psygnosis game), theres still some things i don't know or can't find.

which brings me to my question...

Does anyone remember, or have the Psygnosis game from 1986 called 'Arena'?, more specifically the box art. At present i only have the floppy discs, and no box. I think i read on this board that it came in a white box, rather than the traditional psygnosis black box, but i've never been able to find a boxed version, or even a scan of the box art online.

Does anyone know where i can find a scan? Alternatively if anyone has the original box they could scan, i would be most greatful. (and would of course give credit in the video). failing that, any information on it would be handy.

also, i'm keen to stress that I'm not just appearing on here to gather infomation for my personal project, i'm keen on generally chatting on the board.

Oh finally i should add, if there's anyone who actually worked for psygnosis, or one of the developers that were published by psygnosis (and i'm pretty sure i've spotted a few musicans on here), i'd be very keen to hear any information you'd be happy to share with me



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