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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
Are you able to send me a WinUAE save state so I can debug it? Or send me your configuration that I can use to replicate? here are a pair of cfg I use (4.0.0 is the one I use with latest WinUAE 4 beta).
I use an advanced WB3.9 with Picasso gfx card emulation, not usual AGA/ECS minimal boot config…
If you need I can give you a link to my full Hdfile from my OneDrive to fully replicate the system and boot from my env.
With both UAE cfgs I've noticed some issues with screen opening/initialization and joystick/keyboard inputs… for example I've noticed that if launched from shell when I type some text in game, I can find the typed chars in the shell on quit (?!).

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