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Originally Posted by hexaae View Post
Definitely requires a WHDLoad because is very unstable here on my emulated WB with 040, even if I degrade WinUAE disabling cachesize 0 etc.
After I launch it from shell (WB3.9) the game sometimes starts automatically and quits right after to WB. Some others everything runs too fast and hangs...
Are you able to send me a WinUAE save state so I can debug it? Or send me your configuration that I can use to replicate?

Originally Posted by hipoonios View Post
Have now played 63 levels. I think that is more enough

Got this level again on round 51 and no number. So think the number is never displayed for this level.

Just for fun. In this order I got the levels:
That's dedication! The round number is actually displayed - it's just Black.... that's a bug on the Penshaw scene. I knew I should have put the trainer checksums in!

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Not really, I never quite liked Aminet.

Hey mcgeezer, how about hosting a little page for it (and maybe your future projects?) here in Abime? I recently moved my software to it and am very happy to be part of the family.
RCK can set it all up for you if you request it.
I dunno mate, I could easily do it and would be happy to host it myself, i'd have to think about content but I'm really keen on doing a "Making an Amiga game in assembler" tutorial series.

I'll have a think.
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