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Amiga GOTEK drive

Hi there, I purchased an AMIGA GOTEK drive from an ebay seller and the drive was pre-flashed with the firmware to allow it to load AMIGA .ADF files. I installed the GOTEK drive in to the AMIGA 500 unit and I put about 30 .ADF game files on to the USB thumbstick provided and I put a copy of a file called SELECTOR.ADF on the USB thumbstick as well. I turned on my AMIGA 500 system and it boots to the exact same default boot screen (i.e the one with the hand and 3.5 floppy saying AMIGA Workbench?? I thought the drive would boot to the SELECTOR.ADF file. I checked my GOTEK drive and the lights are working on it and the lights say "000" for the selection slot (the default for SELECTOR.ADF file. I rebooted the AMIGA a few times (CTRL Amiga Amiga keys) and it still boots up to the traditional insert disk screen. Help?

Thanks in advance!
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