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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Didnt do didly squat for my sony, samsung and LG monitors.. sticking with svideo until its fixed
I have chosen totally different modes for each screenmode, and I have tested them on a 1280x1024 flat screen. There must be at least one mode (for example PAL non-lace) that your monitors can display! If they all refuse to work, you should check cabling and your screenmode files: Are they edited? Can you retry with the screenmode files from the original WB disks?

There's lots of positive feedback from other users on a1k, and my only monitor that had problems now also works. Not a single monitor working at your place must be some other fault.

Originally Posted by Art View Post
How do I flash it back to its "default settings" ? LOL
The "default" is stored in the three prefs-files that come in the archive. If you think you have done a change that was "better before", you can (currently) only copy these three files to ENV: and ENVARC:, restart the tool and then klick on "reflash all". This will also flash the cores with the highest version number that's found in the devs:Indivision directory (only one public version at the moment).

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Will there be a user guide for this tool? Don't want to Fiddle about with settings that could potentially cause damage
The worst thing that can happen to a TFT/flat screen is that it displays something like "incompatible mode". Only the early multisync monitors can be damaged by sync frequencies that are out of their compatible range. However, I'd expect that those monitors have removed themselves from the gene pool by now :-)
After the worst bugs have been removed, I'll write a few words about every setting and put that online.

Originally Posted by amigarobbo View Post
The install script need to have the 'script' box ticked for it to work.
Correct - and it has that bit set if you unpack it on the Amiga. Only if you use some other OS to unpack the files and copy them to the Amiga through some other way, you need to set the S-bit with the shell command:

protect Install +s

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