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Originally Posted by BlankVector View Post
About the FastRAM:
As Toni indicated, the FastRAM on Blizzard 1260 is not a standard AutoConfig RAM expansion board, so I don't know how to find it. As indicated, the solution would be to look at Linux/NetBSD sources to see how they solved the problem. I'm not going to spend time on that soon, any clue will be welcome.
In the NetBSD we have an intermediary boot loader between Kickstart and our kernel. This boot loader takes information about configured memory spaces from Kickstart and passes it to the NetBSD kernel. Then kernel gets started and read all this stuff. I guess you can't do that in EmuTOS, because you're basically replacing Amiga's firmware.

In my opinion replacing Kickstart is not a good solution. In a real machine you'll find many add-on boards that have ROMs. These ROMs are executed by AutoConfig mechanisms of Kickstart. If you don't execute ROMs some hardware will not be initialized, memory will not get configured and so on (you can already see bad effects of this).

We don't use Kickstart after kernel boot. But we don't replace it. We let it configure hardware, run code present in ROMs. Then we use it to fire up the boot loader in a standard way, which is a normal AmigaOS boot block that loads the kernel from NetBSD partition and starts it. We also have an alternative loader (loadbsd) that is just a normal AmigaOS program which can do the same thing as mentioned boot block.

I think you could do similar thing with EmuTOS - implement a loader that starts it *after* Kickstart finished its job. And use it to pass some information about hardware from AmigaOS (like memory boards).

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