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This looks really nice and is exactly what I was looking for: using the original Amiga mouse is a horrible experience when one is used to much more efficient modern ones.

However I initially got confused by the term joystick: in the Amiga world this refers to digital ones but most PC ones will be fully analog. So I think it would not hurt if it was precised somewhere that this device can properly emulate an Amiga analog joystick.

I would also have two more questions about it:
  • Is it possible to emulate an Amiga analog joystick when plugging in a pad with analog sticks?
  • How hard/easy would it be to update the firmware to support additional joystick protocols? The CD32 protocol is supported but others like the MegaDrive or Saturn ones would be really nice as well. (These would require WHDLoad support but this part is easy).

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