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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
Why the Amiga diskdrives periodically click? There are tools that reduce that clicking and the drives recognise floppy insertion and load it, so why the drives from A1000 thru the whole range up to A4000T do click?
The drive moves the head one track up or down. This is the click you hear. AFAIK if the head moves over the magnetic surface of a disk, even if the disk is not rotating, a small electric pulse is generated and the drive knows that a disk is in. If no such pulse appears, then there is no disk in the drive. This is how the drive checks for disk changes.

The programs which switch off the clicking make the head move from track 0 towards track -1 (which does not exist and thus the head is not really moved). Some drives however try to really move the head this way and will damage the head.

That said, the big question is: why does the drive not need to click when a disk is in the drive?
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