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I would like to get an idea on what demand there would be for this.

To begin with, lets assume that the initial design would have the 2 connectors, and RGB video out. Like i said earlier, once you have this then the CD32 is wide open for expansion.

I just want to get an idea of how many edge connectors to buy so i don't have to pay repeat postage costs etc. Each board requires 2 connectors so assuming i want to buy for at least 100 people then i obviously have to put up some cash for the parts.

The price of the connectors for me are $4 each before postage, duties and fees and the board itself in small quantities would cost about $7 each plus duty etc.

The cost of the board when just designed as an expansion (and assembled by me) for end user would be ~ $17 - $20. the audio and RGB circuit parts added to the board would be about $6 more.

Quoted prices are just rough.

Let me know in this thread if you are interested in the expansion board so i can gauge interest

If there are people that want to design some boards for the CD32 i will be willing to send you a board for free (limited offer first come first served) when i get them

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