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Hi, yes I was definitively thinking about letting lua scripts handle IPC communication. Lua scripts can already read/write emulated memory.

As with any feature/ideas, it is often prioritized higher if someone has a real and current use case for it, and not just would-nice-to-have-sometime-in-the-future.

So one thing you can do - if you have a project / use case in mind - is to tell more about it, so requirements for the scripting API / IPC communication can be identified early.

EDIT: IPC could be implemented with named pipes on Windows, and unix sockets on other platforms - or regular sockets, listening on by default. The nice thing about the former is that you don't have to choose a specific port, and IPC can be limited to the current logged in user. With the latter, the advantage is that you get the exact same IPC mechanism on all platforms.
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