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I'm not the developer of these boards. Just spreading the infos from the developer. He is very busy person and a perfectionist

International prices will be a little bit higher what spajdr 's link states. The full version is only a prototype now. Only the Lite version available yet and the first 25 of it has this lower cost, because it is handmade

roy bates
any chance of some pictures of it connected to a 1200 and 4000 motherboard...
Pictures comes later.

DDNI, tolkien
CD32 compatible...
Not CD32 compatible, but in the future it is possible to develop a ScanJuggler for CD32.

If the board is small enough that it doesn't interfere with my FastATA...
ScanJuggler and FastATA fits together

Can the switcher be used by itself with an existing scandoubler?
No. The SJ gives the switch sign, also the button send a message only to the SJ. It is possible to develope an independent type, where it will be possible to change with the button.

any word on whether it will have a 50Hz output?
Of course
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