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The FastATA MKIII is for any Amiga 1200, although desktop owners will have to make some modifications to fit it and the hard disk into the A1200's desktop case. This is because it clips over the two kickstart ROM sockets / Gayle chip so the A1200's upper RF shielding will have to be removed.

As you bought the Subway USB (thanks,btw!), I would re-iterate the comments here, a clockport riser would be needed.

The FastATA MKIII is superior in performance to the Buddha Phoenix Flash but as they are both IDE interfaces, they are non-DMA so they tie up the CPU during large hard disk data transfers. The Phoenix interface is Zorro II so ZII slots would be needed in an A1200T or other big box Amiga.

As correctly pointed out here, the Blizzard SCSI Kit is a DMA interface so it can operate independently from the CPU leaving the CPU to do other tasks. It also provides another useful SIMM socket. is offline  
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