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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Thing is, you look at a Spectrum game, stuff moves kind jerkily at your direction but you're ok with it, after all the game has like 2 colors on screen and you are fine because its playable and the sound is good which is already nice for a Spectrum.

Put the same thing on Amiga and people will go like "Oh its too jerky look at those trees shaking" and all.

I still don't believe how people complain about the Super Hang-On port on Amiga.
it has been back ported to the Amiga from the ST. and the graphics are just dark (ahah ST palette bug or bad conversion of the palette).

Wec le Mans, if i talk again about it, has many copy protections in. You talk about a joy to ressource this damn thing or even crawl inside the code :/

Otherwise, the graphics, i mean the sprites should not be difficult to extract with the right colors.
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