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Originally Posted by Ledfoot View Post
Actually, there is a new version of WhichAmiga which correctly identifies the Vampire... Their '080 implementation doesn't need some of the "cpu fixes/patches" that users of '040 and '060's need to fix errata in the chips.
Errr... the major part of the 68040/68060.library is not related to "cpu fixes" or "patches", but they provide the full set of transcendental functions on the FPUs of both chips which are supported by the 68881/882 but not the 68040 and 68060. This is hardly a fix. In the same sense, a Vampire would also benefit from such a system for every FPU instruction that requires execution in full (extended) precision the Vampire does not support - it has also a limited FPU that computed with a restricted precision, but does not implement a trap mechanism to allow emulation of an extended precision computation. Instead, it provides just a restricted precision result. I would hardly call that "better".

Originally Posted by Ledfoot View Post
Not saying it's on you to "patch". Just saying if you can without too much hassle it would be cool to detect the Vampire and not install the stuff that can cause issues because the Vampire doesn't need it.
But it *should* need something like it. I mean, instead of computing with a precision below double instead of extended, even if extended was requested.
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