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Originally Posted by litwr View Post
Try to find out benchmarks of the 80s, for example, - it shows that PC XT with 8088 @4.77 MHGz is faster than Mac with 68000, and even 6502 @2MHz could beat 68000 at effective 6 MHz. 80286 is 3-4 times faster than 8088.
I see the problem to get reliable benchmarks for such old hardware, but The ones given in the BYTE article are just nonsense for your comparision, they measure BASIC and disk/file access between three very different operating systems and basic interpreters - so almost zero meaning for determining CPU performance.

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
There was at least one more manufacturer of the M68000: ST Microelectronics in Europe.
Yep, and Hitachi in Japan, and Rockwell, and... it's actually in the Wikipedia article:
Several other companies were second-source manufacturers of the HMOS 68000. These included Hitachi (HD68000), who shrank the feature size to 2.7 ┬Ám for their 12.5 MHz version,[4] Mostek (MK68000), Rockwell (R68000), Signetics (SCN68000), Thomson/SGS-Thomson (originally EF68000 and later TS68000), and Toshiba (TMP68000). Toshiba was also a second-source maker of the CMOS 68HC000 (TMP68HC000).
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