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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
No, it will report "User not found" and "exit 1", same as if the name was incorrect, in my previous edited post.
python Turbo
* Found more than one user: Turbo

That user does not exist as its just an example. Lets give a real life example:

Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
If user "Turbo" gives more than one hit he is not a valid EAB forum user, or he entered the user name incomplete
Not correct. Check user AGN. Fully valid user.
If he tries to create an FTP account:
# python AGN
* Found more than one user: AGN

Why? There are other users that has the lettering agn in their name. All of them are valid

That is because memberlist.php uses "like" instead of "=". Its not an exact match were getting but simply a "contains" search.

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