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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I agree with everything you wrote in this post but not everything in your previous post. It is illogical to assume that the current Cyclone 3 based Vampire line will or will not receive a 68k compatible FPU. Gunnar himself probably doesn't know at this point. It is logical to work on the SAGA before the FPU if a standalone FPGA board is planned soon. I thought it was more logical to work on a 68k compatible FPU before the SIMD unit but hardware guys know best. I thought it would be better to upgrade the Vampire to a Cyclone 5 and reduce the number of hardware variations and FPGA models needing tuning but hardware guys know best. People with business knowledge could probably help their business but hardware guys know best .
The standalone device always was the goal of the project, similar to what was planned on Natami. To get in a real chip would need plenty of money so it is far less risky to do it in FPGA where you can change something if needed. The standalone hardware already exists so SAGA obviously is more urgent than FPU. The used FPGAs were always compromises regarding price and performance. Might be that you would have done it different but it is the work of Gunnar and the team behind so it is their decision. If you would have had a real plan with real money than you could have talked to Gunnar, I do not think he would have refused to talk. But from what I saw you always said the team has to do this and that and then you would find investors. If you really are in business you should know that this is a little too vague to convince
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