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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
let me be just one placing another load of assumptions here:
gunnar&team do not know, what resources are left in their choice of c3 to hw speed up the fpu so to say.
I expect Gunnar knows exactly how many resources he has left but it is nearly impossible to completely fill an FPGA due to routing/placement issues. Few resources would help the performance of such a wide FPU ALU in an FPGA (not a problem for an ASIC) and we know how he likes to hyper-optimize for his "vision".

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
so, overall, its better to explicitly distinguish two generations of the product:
There are already 2 generations as the original Vampire had a smaller FPGA which I believe is no longer upgraded. Customers see that the FPGA is easy to upgrade so expect updates but there is much work needed to prepare an update for each major FPGA variation. There are more major FPGA variations likely in the future which multiplies the amount of work needed and older variations are likely to become lower priority. Are customers going to be happy to upgrade to more powerful hardware or are they going to expect updates to existing hardware and resent not receiving updates?

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During the early days of getting the V600 or V500 working, I don't remember which, Majsta said he designed the board to be compatible with up to 80k LE chips. He might have said it would just be a matter of moving resistors or caps. Whether that option is on the current boards or not I couldn't tell you.
Majsta was probably talking about a larger Cyclone 3. The Cyclone 5 is much different internally (ALMs instead of LEs, built in memory controllers, etc.) but there may be variations with the same number of pins which are externally (physical and electrical) similar.

Originally Posted by sean_skroht View Post
Yeah fair enough. Some very good points. My responses came from the fact that some here were making sweeping statements about a hardFPU never happening in the current lineup. Just trying to encourage others not to be so dogmatic and keep an open mind about what might lie in the future. It may or may not happen but lets wait and see. In the meantime lets have fun with what we've got.
To be fair, I probably should have busted kolla too. His frustration was easier to understand than your contrariness though.
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