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Originally Posted by drHirudo View Post
I didn't say they should have included it. I said it was mistake to not use the already standard 720 KB disk format from 1984 (PC, Atari ST), which made it later difficult to adapt the new HD floppies format. I.e. if the Amiga 1000 used standard interface for floppies, many people in as early as 1986/1987 would have upgraded to HD floppy drive.
There was no standard 720 kB 3,5-inch floppy format in 1985. Name one PC that came with a 3,5-inch drive.

The Atari used a 1770-based controller but still didn't get HD floppy support until the MegaSTE, because it's not a matter of just swapping out the controller.

I think what did cause the Amiga floppies to seem unreliable was partly the fact that the average Amiga floppy saw ten times more use than the average PC floppy, combined with the fact that games and demos used custom formats with little error correction and stretching the limits with regard to track lengths, sector sizes and number of tracks.
OFS is quite a reliable format, designed to preserve data as far as possible even on bad media.
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