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Holy hell JOTD, that sounds promising. I've tested under emulation and these were the results:

- Chaos Engine 2 OCS (Edit: No issues! I didn't read the instructions properly...)
- Goal! (Hangs at rainbow screen?)
- Jaguar XJ220 (No issues!)
- James Pond Aquatic Games (Reboots during startup)
- Kick Off 2 Final Whistle Competition Version (Hangs at title?)
- Robocop 3 (No issues under emulation)
- Prime Mover (Crashes during load)

However everything seems to crash on a real CD32 with a red screen for me. (Edit: I had a red screen on the emulator once, and now Robocop 3 and Jaguar XJ220 seems to be working for me on my real console. Bizarre, I'm not sure what I did to trigger the red screens..)

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