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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Hi all,

thinking about the upcoming new cases for the C64 has got me thinking into the possibility of getting some a1200 cases produced.

I guess a few of my questions are...

- is the case design copyrighted?
- is the "Amiga" printed into the plastic copyrighted ?
- who if anyone would hold the copyright/license rights for this
- a sorta silly question, who would like one

and last, anyone got any ideas as to to how/where this could be done ?

i would also like to add possibility of replacement keys for the keyboards too
Yep a very interesting idea, esp. with the 3D printers we have now.

Nobody really knows who owns the copyright but a there are a few companies that would probably have a go at claiming copyright violation which would make life difficult. Probably the easiest thing to do is sell the cases unbranded and sell the inserts/stickers separately via a third party.

I think there is a small market for them
  • A little one for a Raspberry/MinMig (with a working keyboard)
  • Different colors in the same design as the original
  • A modernized version for the original motherboard (sans Floppy)

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