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Okay, I'm going to do it:


Turrican 3.

I had heard nothing but crap about this game, about how it´s too straightforward, the levels are boring, the gameplay isn´t up to the sequels level. Damnit, I´ve been blasting away and thoroughly enjoying this game for many, many hours today and yesterday. I´m not quite through the moving train with moving ball platforms bit yet but other than that, I´ve found it just challenging enough while not too devastatingly difficult.

I found it okay that I don´t have to spend too much time looking for where I am supposed to be going, yet there are still secrets to be found, mostly 1 ups. Some levels, like the swimming level, even had a bit of a maze... Oh and the alien level I even got lost there for a while.

The energy system is definitely an improvement from 1 and 2. No more trying to dodge an enemy, ending up walking in the same direction while touching the enemy and getting killed by fast draining energy. Now you just lose a bit of energy when touching it and get a couple seconds of invincibility before getting damaged again. It´s more like a Nintendo game in that respect. Also this game really pulls a few tricks that seem technically impressive. Like how did they fit all this on one floppy? How can it be so colorful looking? How are the loading times so fast, even from a floppy? Presentation values are very good overall. I also love the music in each Turrican game. This one is no exception.

I guess it´s so much different than the 1 and 2 that some people just were disappointed because of that. But I really like it as a run and gun shooter. More so than much of any other game on any platform. I like it more than any Mega Man series game for being faster paced, I like it more than any Metal Slug series game for having tighter controls.

I still like Turrican 2 more, it´s just all around awesome, not least because of the space ship part... but... Muzkat! Yes you! Take a deep breath! Now get this: I think I like Turrican 3 more than I like Turrican 1.

I´ve played through 1 and 2. Gonna finish 3 tonight. By the way I have original boxed versions of 2 and 3. And I´ve recently purchased Gunlord PM me if you can sell me a boxed Turrican 1.

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