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By the way jotd,
how difficult to adapt it to the amiga 1200 ?
I know the answered i received by the past ... Too much hardware possibilities...
But why not focusing on the most used, atapi, i suppose.
Could be done, no ??
I clearly don't really care, if it still just work on cd32, i'm more than happy...
but i think about all guys which don't have a cd32 and all the coders who don't cares because it is only for the cd32.
I'm sure if it worked on the amiga 1200 even just on atapi, more coders could help you with the slaves. And the one who doesn't use their cd-rom with atapi will perhaps try to make it work on there solution.
I know that this is once again a difficult job, but like said long time ago :
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edited : jotd, you should clean your mp boxe.
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