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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
I'm saddened though by some of the comments I've received for coming first in the competition... sometimes in the world you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't, but keep this thread Rygar related and anything compo related keep in the other respective threads.
Hi Graeme,

Don't worry about bitter people who are making negative comments.

The competetion rules stated that ports were allowed; nothing more to be said.

You have put sooooo much effort into this; which is an extemely complex / difficult game to get running on an Amiga. The results are almost 100% arcade accurate.

You won the competiton fairly and squarely. I have to agree with the results / positions given by the judges; I came to the same conclusion.

...and me being the biggest prize money contributor by a long shot; am very happy that you received the majority as you clearly deserve it.
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