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Hi, I'm trying to install Workbench 3.1 for fun with WinUAE (uh oh...) but when installing things, checking boxes seems to have no effect as to what is installed; this has even been evident with installing Workbench itself. When I did so I checked the box for the British keyboard layout but then was confused as to why all the keys were the wrong way around. I had to copy the gb keymap file from another virtual HDD so that was no problem but now I'm trying to install Picasso96 and things as you'd expect are a little more complicated. Although I checked the box marked uaegfx, these drivers don't seem to have been installed so much as their options are not listed in Prefs:ScreenMode (or whatever it's called). Anyone got any idea as to why this is happening and what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks.
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