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KTRL CD32 - Amiga CD32 custom gamepad

Hi fellow Amiga fans!

I have designed a small PCB with the electronics of a CD32 gamepad that can be fitted inside another gamepad (like the SNES style usb gamepad shown here). I'm happy with the result, I'd rather use a gamepad that don't have analog sticks etc. (like the PSX pad).

NOTE!: Read this post for the enhanced version (named KTRL CD32) and how to get one:

EDIT: photo updated to show black gamepad model.

The SNES style gamepad is a good option since the buttons have the same colors (in other positions but they can be moved). Other gamepads that are able to fit the PCB can also be used.

I used an atari joystick extension cable since all 9-pins are needed.

I will sell kits to those interested in making their own gamepads (minus the gamepad and cable). I might also make some finished gamepads to sell.

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