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Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
Demanding that people release their code, or that they wait longer before sharing progress updates, isn't technical stuff, but you're happy to post that.
This is demanding for technical stuff because there isn't much to discuss right now. Now as it seems i'm not allowed to ask, i'll wait until both the modified program and the doc about the extension are available.

Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
Let's all just be honest here. The AMMX stuff is developing quickly, is pretty cool, has lots of potential, isn't finished yet, and you have a personal axe to grind with Gunnar, so you're biased against it.

Is that so hard?
My strong distaste for cpu vector extensions traces back a lot before i even joined the team.
They lack the flexibility of other instructions, are short-lived, and are superseded by gpus for heavy duty stuff such as video and 3d.
Of course they also have a non-negligible hw cost. (Btw. 64-bit misaligned dcache accesses seem excessive for a "small" fpga.)


Perhaps i'm just wrong and there is nothing bad in these extensions.
This is not a reason for having treated me with contempt (forcing the moderation to come and remove stuff).

Some people like their 060, if not their 030, because they like doing much with little. Nowadays this is what demomaking is all about.

I'm not against new instructions. But i see benefit only on these that would enhance the ease of programming, which that ammx clearly is not.

One could say it's just an fpga so things can be added and removed at will. This holds true until there is a release that gets in wide enough use.
If it becomes kind of a standard it also becomes legacy. And the cost of supporting legacy isn't zero. This is my main concern.

In fact i see more potential in this project than any other people here. For me it's not just another accelerator : it's about the eventual future of the one and only cpu that's reasonably good for direct asm programming of whole applications. This is why i pop up any time my guts tell me something wrong's being done.
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