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I think what Gulliver alludes to is threads like over at where Britelite and Corial highlighted that they prefered the oldschool 060 limitations, and if they wanted beefed up hardware they might as well go all out on Wintel hardware.
Since Im a big fan of their demos, Im obviously a bit sad to see them dissmiss the Vampire, but on the positive side, I can atleast watch their productions on either my a1200/30 (altho it suffers when exposed to demoes destined for 060) or V600.

Ive been giving getting a1260 some thought, but given the price and age of the hardware, I decided to go for the Vampire, which is activly supported.

While they dont support (for now...? ) the Vamp, hopefully we can enjoy their future aga/060 productions via the V1200.
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