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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
I am a little bit worried about the future of the apollo core now that I have witnessed many amiga coders and programmers have "mixed" feelings about it.
Many? I think some narcists are afraid that their arcane wisdom and prominent position are at danger because less optimised code will be able to work well or even better than their cycle counted legacy code. And that they might be forced to learn something new.

Whatever they code, the 080 will happily execute it. And even if nobody wrote any AMMX code, what's the damage? Then there are a few new instructions that nobody uses. "You come from nothing, you're going back to nothing, what have you lost? Nothing!"

Another point to add is that the coders I know will always try to write the fastest code possible. In the above example 48 instructions were replaced by only three. Obviously this will speed up execution massively (up to factor 16). And as you know, programs typically spend most of the time in small loops. Multimedia codices will usually work on lots of data like pixels or audio samples. Being able to work on 8 of them per cycle (!) is a huge speed boost. Thus, I think that less dogmatic coders will embrace the AMMX instructions. Has anyone in their right mind ever rejected AltiVec, MMx, SSE or NEON?

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