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Originally Posted by flype View Post
It belongs to the author(s) depending on the license form choice. So i respect first opinions of author(s) before telling irrelevant informations.
No ? Don't tell me that the team doesn't even know if they can release some source they wrote themselves ???

Originally Posted by flype View Post
Ah, now it is forbidden. Didn't knew that.
not clever != forbidden

Originally Posted by flype View Post
Again, i told that a Cyclone have limited ressources, you continue to ignore obvious things.
Resources are limited, ok : then there are better uses for them than ammx.
This recalls me my nice days within the team. For something the boss wants to add there is always space, but for things i wanted, never.

But in fact I didn't even say it was necessarily about adding something in the fpga itself and it's not me here who ignores obvious things.

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