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not sure if reduction of cpu would really a benefit, after all a500 emulation is quite tight. i feel at this point it would be more about stability as well as offering some of the lesser and unknown features for the emulator to exploit.

maybe in a small way there it is possible to reduce a fractional computational overhead, but with WinUAE being what it is.... its all about the improved perfomance me thinks...

the thing is, the more thats known, the closer we get ( i say we, I mean Toni and others way more technical than I *this does include the milkman btw lol* )to a better and more complete knowledge of the interaction of the A500. and hence...

(small fan faire) badaba badaaaaa!

A500 on a chip now that would be something! (yes i know about the minimig its that sort of thing really just better performance over all) I would love to see how the minimig runs demos. that would be awsome.

anyway i am digressing away from toni's topic. sorry about that...
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