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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
Welcome! I can recommend Amiberry on a raspberry pi as a great emulation platform and would seem to fit your ethos of making it boot with minimal indication that you’re running emulation.

Thank you, I tried that but it had some sort of strange behaviour in the host OS or an combination of the two (uae and Host) it hanged completely when I was trying to get out of emulation to do some "things"...

Actually I think I have tested every emulation solution for Amiga except Amithlon. And if I could get my hand on a licence for it (unless it is free and you only pay for the Amiga ROM and OS disks - then I might try it out)

Anyways unfortunatily, I am not so into Linux, for me I am better of with Windows even if it is "complicated" to customize, I know howto or could get easy to follow directions on howto...

But thanks anyway for the suggestion and thanks for the greetings (that goes to all of you)
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