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[Edit]Ok this seems to have gone into the wrong section - sorry for that[/Edit]


So to increment my "post" level, I thought I would introduce myself

Formerly owner of A500 and A2000 (non working) and nowdays stuck with emulation.

I have "some" basic understanding of A68k ASM and Amiga A500 hardware. "some" understanding of Arexx and "some" understanding of pascal. I can handle and do "some" easier things in the most languages as well I beleive.

I run several emulation solutions mostly ARM and x86 ones, and has not been quite happy with it, as it not "feel" like a "real" thing (not even on ARM) starting with some other host OS display itself and then go into an Amiga...

So I set myself up onto a quest to "create" the most Amiga like experience based on emulation from power on to workbench displays it's icons.

I think I have come pretty far, I used Windows 7 with customized boot and welcome screens, modified the texts remove "Windows" with "System" to remove host(ile) references and make the host os boot process feel and more resemble an Amiga boot.

I have created a custom WinUAE full screen picture display launcher, that displays a bootscreen before winUAE launches and is turned of from inside WBStartup (or ESC key if something goes wrong) to get rid of that long black screen waiting when using RTG (at least on my machine). Everything is started after modified host welcomescreen as a shell replacement for Explorer

I have themed Windows 7 to look like Amiga for a "more" accurate "feeling" and are therfore looking into a way to make WinUEA stay behind all other host windows so host applications like a browser always stays in front even if I should click inside WinUAE...

Enough of that, so I am just an ordinary dude doing som "fun" stuff.
I am not working with any IT something, just in the industry, dirty hard work with dangerous chemicals, known and unknown, (doing service on used heat exchangers)

Yea thats that!
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