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An Amiga + old scsi RLL CHS controller and has a lot of issues with certain
types of Hard disk ide/scsi even if they are CHS compatible!

so here is a little on drive geometry

there are two co-existing types of hard disk geometry the manufactures method of Physcial and the computational of Logical.

You need to convert your PHYSICAL geomertry into a logica geometry (like the one below)

size is calticulated by:- (correct me if i am wrong here)

size = cyl * hds * sect * blks

heres a little more info on calculation and how to translate between physical and logical geometry

and some more here

heres a logical geometry for your quantum

Fireball 2.1GB
size	2.1GB

cyl	4029

Hds	16

Sect	63

blks        512

doing the size calculation on it:

size (2,079,350,784) = cyl * hds * sect * blks

Another method that one could employ is to remove the hdd and lump it into the PC and use WinUAE to set it up. of course in this case you would need to have a scsi host (card /device) installed on your PC.

anyways I hope this helps...
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