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SCSI Quantum Fireball TM

I have obtained a couple of Quantum Fireball TM SCSI hard disks. They are marked as following;

2.0GB FBTMS 655-0435
Quantum Fireball TM 3.5 Series

One drive is 2100S TM21S03 Rev 03-B S300Z &
the other is 2100S TM21S03 Rev 04-B S300Z

Now I have plugged them into an Amiga A590 (rev 6.6) and Squirrel SCSI device and HDToolbox finds both devices without problems however when I go to read configurations it reads Manufacturers Name, Drive name and drive revision ok but comes up with a "Cannot read device size!"

I have tried with Kickstart 2.04 & 3.1, both have the same result.

I have searched the internet and can't find any info for cylinders, heads, blocks for tracks etc and any info I plug in always comes up with "Error 29 on write!"

What little info I can find is they are 2.1GB drives with a formatted capacity of 2168.8MB with 4,236,019 logical blocks, 4 physical heads and 2 physical disks.

Does anyone have any experience with these drives. Just want to be able to format and use with my Amiga's!
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