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Ok, so here is the next batch:

- All Dogs Go To Heaven
- Approach Trainer
- Bundesliga Manager Hattrick
- Bundesliga Manager Hattrick Supporter
- Das Erbe
- Der Rasende Reporter
- D-Generation (AGA)
- Dungeon Master II (German)
- Elvira Arcade Game (German)
- F17 Challenge
- Final Command
- Genesia (German)
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Action Game) (Continental Release)
- James Pond (Limited Edition)
- PP Hammer
- RanX (US)
- Rolling Ronny (Starbyte Box)
- Thunderhawk (German)
- Total Eclipse (German)
- Wiz'n'Liz

The HOL entry for Bundesliga Manager Hattrick Supporter needs a correction: There are 3 disks in the box. The one that is already in HOL and the two ones that I've uploaded with this batch.

More to come...
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