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Floppy disk U.M.S. II Planet Editor and extra scenarios

I'm looking for the Planet editor pack, which is supposed to have come with two additional scenarios: Southeast Asia and Pacific War.

Also, in the "Complete UMS" complilation from 1993, there are new Desert Storm and Civil War scenarios for UMS II. This compilation was reviewed in Amiga Format, but I'm unsure whether it was released for the Amiga, or a PC-only title. Does anyone own a copy of this?

The info on UMS II in HOL is wrong: Scenario disks 1-2 mentioned are probably just two of the scenario disks that were included with the main program, as one of these is a Napoleon scenario. If the scenarios included with the Planet editor are of the same size, these could be expected to fill a disk each, which would mean that the editor pack would comprise three disks and not one. Also, the compilation is not mentioned at all, even though it was reviewed planned for the Amiga, and possibly also released.

To sum up, there should be up to nine UMS II disks in total:

Main game: the game disk + three scenario disks (Alexander/Napoleon/Overlord)
Planet editor: editor disk + two scenario disks (Pacific War/Southeast Asia)
Two new scenarios in compilation (Civil War/Desert Storm)
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