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Chicago Tribune Amiga articles archive

I was just surfin' and found old archived 1980's & 90's Amiga/Commodore-related articles (sometimes just a brief mention, but still) from the Chicago Tribune just laying around the web. (On the official Chicago Tribune website to be specific and also not behind a paywall.)

This one stands out:

Commodore Gives Amiga A Boost
February 23, 1987|By Christine Winter.

Thomas Rattigan, president and chief executive of Commmodore International Ltd., has moved the company several paces back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Now, Rattigan is hoping that the company`s March 4 new product announcements at the Hanover Fair in Germany will convince critics that the slow selling queen of its product offerings, the Amiga, is more than just a pretty face.

The proprietary Amiga line will gain a new model at the top, the 2000, with an MS-DOS coprocessor, and a low-priced machine with more memory, the Amiga 500....

(Full article)
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