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editing of config files

here is a request that the more i use winuae the more is pressing...
and that i fear is very difficult to implement properly

the pile of my config files is getting taller everyday and it looms over me since months; but in the developping of winuae new features turn out that could be nice to add to old games you've built a config already, the disk drive sound for instance.
or else you buy a new video card for your pc that allows you to make custom resolutions for winuae.
or, even worse, you want to move your stash of adf in another dir, or rename its dir according the new tosec dats.

the problem is that you have currently maybe 500 config files!

is there a way to display them as entry in a excel-like database, do some mass change or selective change?

there was a kind of front-end config management util around, AmigaConfigs, but it didn't allowed anything really useful (my personal evaluation) or like this i ask for.

there is also a mayor advantage in this: given a tosec dat, and so a certain name for adfs, people could share configurations by the dozen and make just some adjustement to fixed parameters for the computer they are going to usem with.

toni can you think about it?
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