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Good work! I like when we reach the point where the data is the same across platforms.
Although Gods levels are 4096x1024 with tiles 32x16: tile information (uncompressed) should cover 0x2000 bytes. If I remove the first bytes of the uncompressed files (until 0xd) I get 0x2000 bytes of tile data and it seems to match (the correct number of 0xd which means "sky" then the correct number of roof tiles, then sky... you clearly see the platforms in the hexeditor too). The LEV1B.MAP is very similar to the LEV1A.MAP files but with other values sometimes. Puzzling.

In level 2, the boss room (missing from HOL map BTW) overlays the bonus room (where you collect the giant jump). It's the same coordinates on the map (each location of the 4096x1024 image is used so they have to reuse some space for the boss). On my remake, I had to make the image wider. I wonder how they handle this.

I'm mostly interested by:

1) tiledata for demo version (seems not compressed)
2) bonus/monsters locations for all levels: they are located around offset 0x4000: structure of 6 bytes with x,y (pixel-perfect coordinates) and then item code. Only static (created & visible when the level starts) objects appear here: visible bonuses, spikes, bats... Other bonuses and monsters are nowhere to be found. Bummer! maybe they're code driven or in another table but I did not find them.

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