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You could create a tar archive of the files. Mount that as an HDF (emulated SCSI hard drive) in WinUAE, then use a command like tar -xf /dev/sd2 or if that doesn't work dd if=/dev/sd2 | tar -x

Or you could do the same but split the tar archive into 880KB pieces, mount each in turn as floppy disks in WinUAE then do dd if=/dev/fd0 of=output.bin for example. Then join the pieces together in Amix and unpack the archive.

[The device names I gave in the example commands are probably wrong for Amix; read the Amix manual to determine the correct ones. And I haven't actually tried that technique myself.]

If you can use Linux, I think that does support the filesystem which Amix uses. Using the appropriate commands you could/should be able to mount the Amix partition in your HDF directly (i.e. without WinUAE running), and copy files into it that way.
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