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Originally Posted by Burseg
Make way I'm a doctor!
My first impression on this thread was similar to kodoichi's but I know you want an "x-boxy" theme. I can't visualize that however, ok a green wallpaper with an x-ish symbol and some amiga feeling here and there, doesn't it sound like a desecration Maybe it's not the perfect idea to use visuals that credit xbox hmm? And it's the first time I realize you want a dark theme, now what to do with that? If I do this paper I'll be an annoying ass and probably we won't allow each other to make what we have in mind.
you cant visualise an xboxy amiga-ish wallpaper yet bloodwych INSTANTLY recognised your style i borrowed
In other words i could have got away with saying you made it for me
GO ON....GO ON....Give it a go.....I know you really want to.

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