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Originally Posted by Kodoichi
Expand what? The idea of making wallpapers with an XBox on it? Expand the picture so it fills the whole screen?
The others have got the right idea......Expand on the theme
Tributey...Amiga-ish Xboxy is the best description i can think of.

Bloodwych !!
I made this one 100% but your right it is a mock up and i copied Burseg's style because i thought his stuff looked cool but i didnt really want a cartooney superfrog amiga look ( Not that Burseg's wallpapers looks like that dont get me wrong ) i wanted a rugged dark classey type of thing so i made this to give an idea of what was in my head
I did ask Burseg to make some but hes to busy im afraid so it may be down to whatever i can come up with

Your not supposed to like it its a mockup J/K
But i have to admit it looks better than i thought and with the adjustments you suggested i could still include it as an optional wallpaper so thanks

Hillsy !!!
Good idea !!! I will look at a few xbox pics and see what happens

If anyone does have a go then the only thing i would really like is a place for the icons....In other words like the pic above slightly partitioned so they have somewhere to go. Like StarEye suggested.

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