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Originally Posted by Paperboy View Post
Hey guys I can not make it

I have done everything so far also chmod 777 /dev/sdc

I can not find it under directories

I already searched but I can't find the CF
Disclaimer: I'm not using fs-uae-launcher at all, so that I have no idea if it's possible to make the configuration exact as it need to be for fs-uae.

Here is my (working) example of the configuration, where I am using SD card (I've also used to use CF card, without any difference) to boot from, with defined additional "drives" which points to my filesystem under Linux:
amiga_model = A1200/020

kickstart_file = kick.rom

uae_cpu_model = 68040
zorro_iii_memory = 131072

# double check device before running, don't forget about permissions
hard_drive_0_controller = ide0
hard_drive_0 = /dev/sdc

hard_drive_1 = /tmp
hard_drive_1_label = z
If you want to boot from hardfile/directory, you will need to change the indexes, like:
hard_drive_0 = workbench.hdf

hard_drive_1_controller = ide0
hard_drive_1 = /dev/sdc
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