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Originally Posted by gryf View Post
Assuming that you have CF card, that already has been used within an Amiga, you'll need to:
  • locate device for your inserted card - you could use dmesg information (most probably it will be /dev/sdx, where 'x' is the letter for the device),
  • change permission for the device, so that user which is running fs-uae can access the CF device,
  • add to FS-UAE config the line
    hard_drive_Y_controller = ide0
    hard_drive_Y = /dev/sdx
    where 'Y' is the drive number, depending on your existing configuration, presumably 0,
  • run fs-uae.
Be careful with modern Linux distributions when using /dev/sdX !!!

The order can change between boots, e.g. sda can become sdb or vice versa. Better use /dev/disk/by-id or /dev/disk/by-uuid (UUID probably doesn't work with Amiga harddrives) instead.

You can use
ls -lA /dev/disk/by-uuid
ls -lA /de/disk/by-id
in order to see where the symlinks point (e.g. to /dev/sdc).
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