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Exodous : Yes , you are correct - but no minor tweak was apparently done which means that the behavior as far as real Amiga's goes should be "defined". E.g. we can at least say that most Amiga's did behave either so or so.

Toni: Well on my real hardware (which is packed away somewhere) I had a A500 with a GVP HD8+ and a Microbotics VXL030 accelerator (+ ramboard). The CPU was a 68EC030 at 40Mhz and my program worked perfectly (despite being coded badly) on both that CPU and the regular 68000. If I recall correctly it was only tested on kickstart 2.04 and 3.1.

I can't find any option in fs-uae-launcer that allows me to set anyting more accurate than what I have (some help about what options would be appreciated).
I tested with various CPU's and I was NOT able to replicate the behavior you describe. I got all 0xFF back all the time.

And I talked with my friend again - he says that no matter what CPU was used on WinUAE 3.20 or before it always worked e.g. always returned some random(ish) value. After 3.20 and with the latest version it return 0. He also tested with and without JIT and various other options. No effect.

We did a comparision back in 2017 ( picture: )
This are screenshots of a program that shows byte reads from memory run under real amiga + uae 3.20 and uae 3.50+. The output is colored (how it is colored, we don't remember)

ROW 1 = $BFE000 to $BFEF00
ROW 2 = $BFE001 to $BFEF01
ROW 3 = $BFD000 to $BFDF00
ROW 4 = $BFD001 to $BFDF01

There is a difference....
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