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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
What configuration are you using?
For this particular test I use a config that looks like so:

Amiga model: A4000 , 3.1 ROM 68040 CPU (ROM rev. 40.70)
Accuracy: High
512K slow ram, 8MB Fast ram
Everything else is the default e.g. no JIT or any other settings.

Anything else? I think this is the most relevant ones.

Regarding the comment about undefined behavior. Well if undefined behavior returning something rather than 0 / 0xFF then I would argue that it is not undefined from a emulation point of view. It is as simpe as the real thing returning something while the emulation does not.

Incidentally I talked with a friend that used to run my program , I remembers that my program worked until (and including) WinUAE 3.20 , after that the "noise" disappeared.
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