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Posts: 32's my slow&dirty attempt on A500/OCS/512chip+512slow.

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Disclaimer: this will not be turned into a full game, because I do not have the time nor the knowledge to do this...I just wanted to see if I could get 'something' on screen that 'resembles' the arcade original. This slow attempt is the result of messing about in ASM for months; half an hour here and an hour there...

It's basically an animation using cookie-cut blits, some color changes using the copper and a sprite overlay, using manual sprite mode, for the scores on top and ammo/lives at the bottom. Using this method for the fence would not work, because you'll need all 16 spritecolors for this and these colors are badly needed for the hero/enemies....bummer.

I think I finally have a 32 color palette that should be useable for the first-part of level 1, after some tedious color reductions using ripped gfx from mame. I generated an animation, while playing the game in mame (in Linux), using the -mngwrite option and then extracted all the frames, using the convert-command, to png's

The background is build using 16x16 blocks of gfx and a table that represents 1 screen (for now) to fill the 288x224 screen.

Next challenge will be hardware scrolling....
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