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Thanks for the info and advice Thomas.

I struggled quite a bit with it, and at this point, I think there are maybe 2 things going wrong. I got ahold of the 2.1 developer CD, and went for a very basic code example in there. It compiles with GCC, but the exec doesn't run (exits before debugger can hit a break). That same code compiled with VBCC runs fine. So I dunno what to do there.

The 2nd problem I think is around trying to use ReAction code renamed to classAct, without knowing how either really works, and which code in Reaction is newer than classAct, etc. I haven't had any luck getting my setup to work under VBCC once I introduce the classact/reaction stuff. I think I'll just stay away from that for now, until 3.2 is out with a new NDK and updated docs.

There are quite a lot of changes between the 1.3 stuff and the 3.1 stuff I can get familiar with in the meantime, and update some apps to use it. I'll figure out reaction-for-3.2 when it's available.

All my Amiga books are for KS 1.x, I wish I had one that was 3.0 or 3.1 based.
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